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Take the Horse cab

Kuopio has something rare and wonderful to offer to experience-hungry travellers and locals: a horse cab ride. The cab is truly a rarity, as horses are no longer used in urban traffic in any other Finnish city.
Several horse cab drivers in Kuopio have become life-long friends of the locals. Since summer 2014, the horse cab has been driven by Tapio Karhunen. His hard-working companion is a gelding called Kesäsade, which is the Finnish word for summer rain.

The most laid-back horse cab in town

Summer days are a breeze for Tapio Karhunen – depending on the weather and the number of customers. If there is rain or a thunderstorm, the horse cab stays in his stable. When the weather is fine, the cab has time to carry several customers – on everything from city tours to commissioned rides – within the five-hour work day. The cab takes to the streets six days a week.
The horse cab is stationed at the end of the market hall by the Siskontyttö statue, where people always gather to take photographs and pat Kesäsade. However, Tapio has a polite request for those who wish to feed Kesäsade:
“You’re always welcome to greet us. But I can’t let you feed the horse. If it gets used to being fed, it will start demanding treats and may even bite you if you don’t have something in your hand for it. Kesäsade gets enough to eat – and other care as well – when he is not working.”
The best way to book a horse cab ride is to call Tapio in advance on +358 400 166 139. The horse and the driver usually work from ten in the morning to three in the afternoon, except if it is raining or they have been commissioned to go elsewhere.