Tracing times gone by

Kuopio’s rich history stretches back over centuries. The City’s numerous cultural attractions tell the story of what life was like in Eastern Finland in times past.

Kuopio Art Museum

Northern Savo art works from the 1800’s down until today are on display at the Art Museum. The themes are Northern Savo visual arts, nature and enviroment.
Kauppakatu 35, Kuopio
tel.+358 17 182 633

The Old Kuopio museum

The Old Kuopio museum is made up of a complete set of old wooden buildings in the centre of Kuopio. Among other buildings located in the museum is a pharmacy building. A photographic exhibition on show in the exhibition hall tells of Kuopio’s history.
Kirkkokatu 22, Kuopio
tel.+358 17 182 625

J.V. Snellman’s Home museum

The museum exhibits the Snellman family residence from the 1840’s in Kuopio and J.V. Snellman’s activities in Kuopio.
Snellmaninkatu 19, Kuopio
tel.+358 17 182 625

Orthodox church museum of Finland RIISA

The Orthodox church museum of Finland RIISA was opened in Kuopio in 1957. It continues the exhibitions of the relics collection, set up in 1911, by the Valaam Monastery in Russian Karelia. RIISA is an expert organisation in charge of conserving, studying and teaching about the material and visual cultural history of the Finnish Orthodox Church and the related communications.
Karjalankatu 1, Kuopio
Tel.: +358 (0)206 100 266

Other museums

Many other interesting things to be seen are on offer in Kuopio’s other museums, such as the Kuopio Automobile museum, the Northern Savo institute Smoke Cottage museum, the War Veteran museum and the traditional Savo landscape of the Konttila farm. The Finnish Orthodox Church museum is closed due to renovation until the year 2014. Additional information on all of the museums can be found at

Other exhibitions

VB Photograph Centre

Finnish and international photographic art is on display at the VB photograph centre. The centre operates from photographer Victor Barsokevitsch’s (1863-1933) original wooden atelier.
Kuninkaankatu 14  -16, Kuopio
tel.+358 17 261 5599